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Synology Online offers $100-350 FLAT RATE SERVICE in the USA
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Repair Service

We service failed Synology systems,
including ioSafe systems (Powered by Synology DSM)

Update Service

Service to extend the life of your functioning Synology.


We stand behind what we service with a 1-year workmanship guarantee.

Inquiries Welcome

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Mail: elextrixman@gmail.com
Phone; 630-358-9271 (GOOGLE VOICE)
NOTE: Extended phone support available at a billable rate.

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We often have restored and refurbished units for sale.

The experts in our service center have carefully restored these units to normal operation.

Repair Service for Synology and ioSafe Servers

Synology Online has experience servicing many models.

ioSafe Brand:

ioSafe Server
1515+, 1019+, 1513+, 214, 216

And even more! Contact us if your model is not listed above.

Who we Serve

Synology Online has serviced units not just from individuals, but also from Hollywood production companies, Law firms, Police and other Government offices, Pro Photo Labs, Google Australia, GITHUB, Universities, DJs, Cineplex, Casino's, and numerous small businesses and online companies.

The common theme - everyone has very important data, and problems with their server are preventing or risking access to it. They chose Synology Online, as we are well-known in the NAS world.

Symptoms and Common Problems

See if one of these describes your Synology Disk Station, or your Synology based ioSafe.

Our Standard Service

With the experience we've gained, we have seen most types of Synology failures. We know what to inspect, what to replace as a preventative measure, and how to apply those replacement parts in a careful, and skillful, manner.

This is not just a resistor or smd component change that might last only a year.

This is an upgrade revision to the main board and power supply that should last forever. This requires the replacement of various critical parts, some smaller than a grain of salt.

During the repair, the mainboard is carefully removed, cleaned, and inspected.

The inspection includes careful review for cold solder joints, cracked components, and the replacement of any failures found. This repair typically includes a few FETS, and the replacement of several resistors.

We have found and corrected corrupted bios and firmware, and failed LAN interfaces that made web interfaces accessible. In addition, the CMOS System Battery is replaced, and the device is meticulously cleaned internally. Including fans, PCB's, chassis, cage, etc.

The power supply is not only cleaned and inspected, but also repaired and revised, as well as tested and reviewed for any other typical errors.

All repairs are carried out in-house by an SMD trained electronic technician.

We add and use parts with equal or better performance than the originals. This means that these errors will no longer occur in the future for the lifetime of the unit.

And we don't stop there - the HDD tray locks get replaced for free if it's needed.

Repair, or Replace?

You know that Synology would prefer that you buy a new unit.

If you select Repair

Here's what a typical repair process looks like:

* A remaining side-effect of the pandemic has caused some component shortages; delaying some parts - usually for no more than a few days.

We'll offer to buy your Synology or ioSafe

If you have an old unit, or it has failed but you do not plan to have it repaired, please contact us. For even faster resolution, give us a call at 630-358-9271. We can make an offer to purchase your functioning, or defective, unit.

We Guarantee

At least 1 Year of Service *

Each of the Synology NAS sent to Synology Online since 2016 have been successfully repaired with 0 complaints and 0 returns. And we've repaired 100's of units. It is this experience that allows us to give you a 1 Year Guarantee* on our repairs - even though the main board should last a lifetime!

Synology Online is the only service center in the USA and in Europe, that offer this guarantee with this type of repair service.

* The Revision Update / Upgrade warranty is 1 year under normal use, and only covers the main board, which should last a lifetime.

We limit it to a 1-year warranty as many different customers use their NAS in unusual ways that stresses the NAS internals. More stressful locations such as near machinery, on the same AC power network of heavy machinery, or on non surge-protected AC lines. We have also seen units that came from very dusty, very humid, unusually hot, and high vibration environments. We will review each case to determine the probable cause of its failure.

What's not covered

The Standard Service and Warranty do not cover:


Take a look at our gallery to get an idea of what we do.

Wire Protection

Each unit also gets wire protection to prevent cuts and shorts.

Power Cable

The power supply also gets a few new parts plus a resolder of its main connections.


You do not pay a dime until your unit is fixed! Payments will be discussed after your unit has been confirmed working!

We will be glad to hear from you! Please contact us!

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